Small Selenite Towers: $12 each
Small Selenite Towers: $12 each

Small Selenite Towers: $12 each

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Small Selenite Towers

Buy Multiple and place in every corner of your house! Best for repelling negativity and cleansing your space.


Cleansing white Selenite—often appearing in long, striated, wand-like forms—is an essential weapon in the spiritual warrior’s arsenal. Like burning bundles of sage or splinters of Palo Santo—essential before meditation or healing work or when some creep with bad juju muddies up the lovingly crafted vibes in your place—Selenite clears unwanted energy. It also opens pathways to whatever it is up there above, in the heavens, ether, or atmosphere. If you have a palpable sense that someone or something is watching over you, airy Selenite can help give it form in the mind’s eye.

Working with Selenite before working with other crystals is a bit like foreplay—often wildly necessary, highly enjoyable, and sometimes better than the main event. Selenite banded together with other crystals has a powerful, magnifying effect, i.e., adds punch to your Pyrite. A necessity wherever fire and moonlight are in short supply, a physical touch of Selenite to your crystals will power ’em up and wipe away any lingering energy that needs bouncing.

Like frequent pauses throughout the day—deep inhale, “I am worthy,” exhale, move on—a quick bath in Selenite’s vibes can clear heavy, ambient energy that can get in the way of creativity, productivity, and fun.